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 Lighting Expertise

BEI has prepared lighting designs of all complexities.  These range from full interchange to partial interchange lighting, roadway lighting in coordination with various utility relocations, and joint use with utility and signal poles.   BEI has been involved in outdoor lighting projects including master plans, parks, roadways, interstate highways, parking lots, bridges, photometric testing, pedestrian lighting and commuter rail stations.


Lighting Expertise

High Mast Lighting

Parking Structure Lighting

Conventional Lighting

Photometric Design

Toll Plaza Lighting

Photometric Testing

Underdeck/Under Bridge Lighting

Light Level Testing

Toll Booth Lighting

Night Meter Testing

Highmast Roadway Floodlighting

Construction Inspection

Rest Area Lighting

Fixture Recommendations

Underdeck/Under Bridge Lighting

Fixture Specifications

Canopy Lighting

Shop Drawing Review


Full Interchange Lighting

Interchange at I-40 and SR 171


  • Photometric Evaluation
  • Alternative Lighting Study
  • LED High Mast Lighitng
  • LED Underpass Lighitng
  • Structural Bridge Lighting Details
  • Geotechnical Plans
  • High Mast Structural Foundation Design
  • City & Utility Coordination
  I-40 at SR 171 (Mt. Juliet)
  Mt. Juliet, TN

Other Lighting Installations

Underpass Lighting on I-240 and Walnut Grove Road Noise/Barrier Light Mounting on I-240 Roadway and Pedestrian Lighting
Memphis, TN Memphis, TN Nashville, TN