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 Signal Expertise


BEI has extensive work in traffic signal design.   BEI retains personnel that provide a diversity of traffic engineering expertise.  BEI work included numerous individual designs for signals, signal timing and synchronization, traffic counts, pedestrian crossings, capacity evaluation and operational improvements.  BEI has performed capacity analysis, turn lane additions, major ditch upgrades and relocation of drainage structures, addition of median pavement and mountable curb, including underdrain pipes, manholes and end walls. 


 Signalization and Lighting Upgrades

Korean Veterans Boulevard


  • 8 Cantilever Guide Signs, poles and     foundations
  • Electrical Vault Design
  • Electrical Design, Layout & Coordination for  Parking Meter
  • Electrical Design & Coordination for Street Event Junction Boxes
  • Temporary Signalization
  • Mast Arm Signalization & Timing
  • Pavement Markings and Signing

Korean Veterans Blvd


Nashville, TN


 Other Signalization Projects

Span Wire Signal Update at SR 63 and Scott High Drive

Joint Use Arm with Lighting and Video 

School Flasher at Ruby Major Elementary School

Huntsville, TN

11th Ave South and PIne Street

Hermitage, TN
  Nashville, TN